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Master Method P/M Donald Shaw Ramsay


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Pipe Major George Ross' Farewell to the Black Watch March2/4413
2Captain Carswell March2/4414
3Cutty's Wedding Strathspey4/4215
4Highland Laddie March2/4215
5Tail Toddle Reel4/4215
6Atholl Highlanders March6/8516
7Bonnie Mary Slow March4/4217
8MacKenzie Highlanders March2/4217
9Spirit of the 28th Troop,The March6/8218
10Murdo MacKenzie of Torridon March6/8418
11Beaton's Blue Bonnet Jig9/8419
12Madelina Sinclair Strathspey4/4220
13Far o'er the Sea March4/4320
14Teenie's Wedding Reel4/4421
15High Road to Linton, The Reel4/4222
16H.M.S. Renown Hornpipe2/4422
17Heilan' Whisky Strathspey4/4222
18Glenboyne March2/4423
19Sailor's Hornpipe Hornpipe2/4224
20Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay Reel4/4224
2193rd at Modder River March2/4425
22Deveronside March2/4426
23Mrs. Russell of Glengar March2/4427
24Black Bear, The Hornpipe2/4227
25The Highland WeddingMarch2/4628
26Major Moir of Villeveque March6/8229
27Miss Ada Crawford Strathspey4/4230
28Corn Riggs March2/4330
29Mrs. Elder Waltz4/4531
30Speed the Plough Reel4/4231
31Farmer's Daughter, The Reel4/4232
3274th, The Slow March4/4332
33Old Adam March6/8433
34Banks of the Bosphorus March3/4434
35Marquis of Huntly Strathspey4/4335
36Harvester's Song, The March4/4235
37Bogan Lochan Strathspey4/4436
38Dumbarton's Drums March2/4237
39Deil Amang the Tailors Reel4/4238
40Struan Robertson Strathspey4/4238
41Colonel Robertson March6/8339
42Jock Wilson's Ball Reel4/4239
43Charlie's Welcome Reel4/4640
44Loudon's Bonnie Woods and Braes Strathspey4/4241
45Kitchener's Army March2/4441
46Balkan Hills, The March2/4442
47Balmoral Castle Strathspey4/4443
48Flowers of the Forest Funeral March4/4343
49Auchmountain's Bonnie Glen March2/4444
50Boyndie Hills March6/8445
51Road to the Isles, The March2/4446
52Pretty Marion Reel4/4647
535th Battn, The Royal Scots at Barry March6/8348
54MonyMusk Strathspey4/4548
55Highlands of Banffshire, The Strathspey4/4249
56Delvin Side Strathspey4/4349
57Laird of Drumblair, The Strathspey4/4250
58Walking the Floor Jig6/8250
5951st Division at Beaumont Hamel March2/4451
60I'll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Town March2/4452
61Lochaber Gathering March2/4453
62John MacDonald of Glencoe March2/4454
63Royal Scots, The Polka2/4455
64Captain Horn Strathspey4/4256
65Paardeburg March2/4456
66Miss Delicia Chisholm March2/4457
67Primrose Girl, The Reel4/4257
68Aspin Bank Strathspey4/4258
69Mason's Apron, The Reel4/4258
70Fairy Dance, The Reel4/4259
71Jenny Dang the Weaver Reel4/4259
72Wind that Shook the Barley, The Reel4/4260
73Miller O' Drone, The Strathspey4/4260
74The Fiddler's JoyStrathspey4/4260
75Viscount Montgomery March6/8461
76Christmas Carousin Reel4/4262
77Green Hills of Tyroll, The March3/4262
78Captain Allwright Slow March4/4263
79Bell Isle Slow March4/4263
80Caber Feidh Reel4/4464
81Bob of Fettercairn, The Strathspey4/4565
82Murdo MacKenzie Strathspey4/4266
83Gay Gordons, The March2/4466
84Borthwick Pipe Band, The March2/4467
85Murdo MacKenzie Reel4/4267
86Captn. McNeil March2/4468
87Ayrshire Lassies, The March2/4569
88Doctor W.M. MacPhail March6/8470
89Leaving Rhu Vaternish Gaelic Air6/8271
90Old Sword, The Piobaireachd2/3081
91Mac Crimmon Will Never Return Piobaireachd6/7083