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McCallum Bagpipes

McKerrell/MacDonald Collection


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Abdul's jig6|831
2Alastair's Vintage Bar 4|4 2|422
3Armadale Stree, 8 o'clock...sherp! 2|243
4Armstrong's reel2|224
5Back to Bergamo reel2|225
6The Border Boys reel2|226
7Carnan reel2|247
8The Cherrygrove and District Pipes and Drums 3|428
9Christian Cloete's Welcome to Glasgow jig6|849
10Colin MacLellan of Edinburgh reel2|2410
11Died and Gone to Prague reel2|2211
12Double Dose of Bowes! hornpipe2|4412
13The Dougster jig6|8213
14Dr. Freda Scott-Park, President BSAVA march6|8414
15Dr. Mike Paterson march2|4415
16The Fast Jig jig6|8316
17The Flood on the Home reel2|2217
18Gillian Frame's reel2|2218
19The Grand Central Jig jig6|8419
20Hararin hachum 3|4220
21High and Dry jig6|8221
22Jenna Reid's reel2|2222
23Joe MacAuley's jig6|8 9|8223
24Keogh's Peshwari reel2|2224
25Kevin MacKenzie reel2|2225
26The Killoch Glen reel2|2225
27Lauren McCowen's Reel reel2|2226
28Lord William of Gryffe reel2|2227
29The Manchester Hornpipe hornpipe2|4428
30Mark McKerrell march2|4430
31McKerrell's reel2|2231
32McKerrell's Fancy hornpipe2|4432
33The Mechans jig6|8234
34Miss Fiona Manson reel2|2435
35Nigel Richard's jig12|8 10|8236
36The Real Banda de Gaita's Welcome to Glasgow jig6|8237
37Roddy MacAuley's reel2|2238
38Sandy Watson's jig12|8239
39Simon McKerrell's Compliments to Fiona MacDonald reel2|2240
40Strakonice march2|4241
41Stuart Letford jig6|8442
42The Sunday Club 043
43Taighnadonn reel2|2244
44The Tartan Rocket reel2|2245
45The Tattoo Guests hornpipe2|4446
46Thornwood jig6|8247
47Time out in the Gap 2|2248
48More time out in the Gap jig10|8 9|8249
49Tommy Elder's 2|2250
50White Heather Cottage slow air6|8251