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Bagpipe Music - John MacFadyen


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1John MacDonald's welcome to south uist March2/43
2Glenfinnan Highland Gathering, The March2/44
3Cowal Gathering March2/45
4Donald MacLellan of Rothesay March2/46
5Hugh Alexander of Tiree March2/47
6Cameron MacFadyen March6/88
7Fairview Cottage March6/89
8Heights of Cassino, The March6/810
9Hill's of Perth, The March2/411
10MacLean's Welcome to Duart, The March6/812
11Pap of Glencoe, The March2/413
12P/M John Stewart March2/414
13Portland Castle March2/415
14Scarinish Bay March6/816
15South Hall March2/417
16Sweet maid of Mull, The March6/818
17Tug Argan Gap March6/819
18Mo Cailleag Fhein March6/820
19Wee Highland Laddie, The March4/421
20Nellie's Strathspey Strathspey4/422
21A.A. Cameron's Strathspey Strathspey4/422
22Jean Cambell Strathspey4/423
23Fiddler, The Strathspey4/424
24Maids of the Black Glen, The Strathspey24
25Bob Hill's Ceilidh Reel4/425
26Dolina MacKay Reel4/426
27Doctor MacPhail's Reel Reel4/427
28Grays of Tongside Reel4/428
29Loch Carron Reel4/429
30Lumsden's Rant Reel4/430
31Twisted Fingers Reel4/431
32MacLaine of Lochbuie's Reel Reel4/431
33Thomson's Dirk Reel4/432
34Misses Hess of Ohio, The Reel4/433
35Malcolm the Tailor Reel4/433
36Willie Cumming's Rant Reel4/434
37Bonnie Isle of Jura, The Gaelic Air6/835
38Chi mi'n toman Gaelic Air6/835
39Hi-ro ho-ro mo nighneag Gaelic Air6/836
40Glen Gonnar Water Slow Air6/836
41Mermaid's Song, The Gaelic Air4/437
42Iain Ruaidh's Lament Gaelic Air4/437
43Heather Island Gaelic Air4/437
44MacKenzie's Farewell Slow Air4/438
45Land of my Youth, The Gaelic Air3/438
46Mairi Nighean Alasdair Gaelic Air6/839
47Mary Urquhart's farewell to Ross-shire Slow March6/839
48Morag of Dunvegan Gaelic Air6/840
49Not a swan on the lake Gaelic Air6/840
50Rhu Vaternish Gaelic Air6/841
51Tiree Bridal Song, The Gaelic Air6/841
52Sine Bhan Gaelic Air4/442
53Thug mi gaol Gaelic Air4/442
54Caber Feidh Jig6/842
55The Banjo BreakdownJig6/844
56Archie MacNab Jig6/846
57Barbara's Jig Jig6/847
58Cutting Bracken Jig6/848
59Hector's Jig Jig6/849
60James MacLellan's Favourite Jig6/850
61Norman's Jig Jig6/851
62Skyeman's Jig Jig6/852
63Calum Beag Hornpipe2/453
64Fiona Ferguson Hornpipe2/454
65Ina MacKenzie Hornpipe2/455
66Man from Skye, The Hornpipe2/456