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Michael Grey - Bk 1 "First Collection"


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1George A.Walker March2/441
2Christiemiller Pipers,The March2/442
3Brian Pollock's Fortieth March2/423
4Katie Grey's Welcome from Scotland March3/423
5P/S John Barclay March6/844
6Fencewalker March9/825
7Two Pints o' Heavy March6/825
8Elspeth Anderson March6/846
9Strut D'Aumonier March4/427
10Road to Rawdon,The March4/427
11Daylesford Street March,The March12/828
12Last Fish Supper,The March6/828
13Stalemate March21/839
14Jimmy Rollo Strathspey4/429
15Blackey of Hillsdale Strathspey4/4410
16Jessica Lindsay Strathspey4/4211
17N.J. Cardenden Strathspey4/4211
18New Davey,The Strathspey4/4212
19Jane Campbell Strathspey4/4212
20A.W. Berthoff's Reel Reel2/2413
21Spur of the Moment Reel2/2214
22Idle Ayes Reel2/2214
23Reel Fling,The Reel2/2415
24Piper's Despair Reel2/2216
25Asleep at the Wheel Reel2/2216
26Legal Repercussions Reel2/2417
27Ashes on the Afton Slow Air6/4218
28Muse's Revenge,The Slow Air12/4218
29Andrew Campbell's Lullaby Slow Air6/8219
30Tones Of Westlawn Slow Air6/4219
31John Walsh's Walk Hornpipe2/4420
32Rev. A. W. R. MacKenzie's Revenge Hornpipe2/4421
33Susy Maxwell Hornpipe2/4422
34June Rollo's Ronnie Hornpipe2/4423
35Emily Kate MacLellan Hornpipe2/4424
36Daniel S. Kenny Hornpipe2/4425
37J. Reid Maxwell's March Hornpipe2/4426
38Worth the Wait Hornpipe2/4427
39Front Rank Hornpipe Hornpipe2/4428
40Jim Lamberton's Back Up Hornpipe2/4429
41McAteer Hornpipe,The Hornpipe2/4230
42Malcolm the Menace Jig6/8230
43Tom Anderson Jig6/8431
44Toots And Hickory Jig6/8432
45Bridget Bradley Jig6/8433
46West End Hotel,The Jig6/8234
47Coppermill Studio Jig9/8434
48Jean's Fancy Jig6/8235
49Road to the Mull of Oa,The Jig6/8436
50Old Hag at the Spinning Wheel,The Jig6/8337
51Massey Hall Turnaround Jig6/8438
52Journey to Skye Suite4/4,3/4,6/8039