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McCallum Bagpipes

Minard Castle Collection of Pipe Music (G.M. McIntyre)


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Wrong Wedding Hornpipe
2Minard Castle March
3Minard Bay March
4Milldam Midges Jig
5McCartneys Horse Trough Jig
6Madam Gayre-Baroness of Lochore March
7Lucy Cassidy Hornpipe
8Lt. Co. Gayre- Baron of Lochore March
9Loch Ruan March
10Loch Gair March
11Librarian March
12Johnnie Jump Up Jig
13Mull of Oa March
14P/M A.W. Wilson Reel
15P/M R. MacCallum M.B.E. Reel
16Willie Crawford March
17Una McIntyre Hornpipe
18Three Wee Crows Jig
19Simplicity Jig
20Sheena Cameron Reel
21Sarah McRoberts Hornpipe
22Round the Mull Hornpipe
23Robert Byrne Jig
24Per Ardua March
25P/M Tom O'Rourke Jig
26P/M R. Stewart March
27John Barker Jig
28Jean McLean Jig
29Chestnut Tree Jig
30Cheeper The Jig
31Bugler Reel
32Bobby Anderson Hornpipe
33Bob McDonald March
34Archie McMillan March
35Archie McLellan Jig
36Archie McArthur Hornpipe
37Angus MacIntyre Reel
38Andy Warnock March
39Andrew McKay Hornpipe
40Clan McSporran March
41Col. P.F.F. Gladwin-Minard March
42David McPhee March
43J.W. Benson Reel
44Isobel McLean Jig
45Hazel Thompson Hornpipe
46Glenlussa March
47Dr. Iain Michie March
48Dora Watt Reel
49Donald MacEachran Reel
50Donald Gilchrist March
51Donald Cambell March
52Donald Beaton Jig
53Dermot O'Rourke March
54Alex Miller Jig