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Airtight Bag Seasoning

More Music for High. (P/M John A. MacLellan)


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Allan Dodd's Farewell to Scotland March2/441
2Banks of Skiach, The March6/842
3Braes of Ben Bhraggie March2/443
4Conon Bridge March2/444
5Duncan Macneill farewell to Melfort March2/445
6Eagle Pipers' March March6/846
7General Collingwood's Farewell to Scottish Command March6/847
8Invercharron Highland Gathering March6/848
9John Maccoll's March to Kilbowie Cottage March2/449
10Ladies from Hell March2/4310
11Leaving Glencoe March2/4411
12Lieutenant Colonel D.R. Maclennan - Queen's Own Highlanders March6/8412
13Major David Macqueen March2/4413
14Marchhall Crescent March6/8414
15Muir of Ord March4/4415
16Murdo's Wedding March4/4215
17Over the Crask March2/4416
18Patrick W. Sanderman, Esq. March2/4417
19P/M A. Gordon Asher March2/4418
20P/M George Stoddart, B.E.M March2/4419
21Prince's Street Parade March6/8420
22Scotland's Welcome to the King of Norway March2/4221
23Royal Greek Guard March6/8221
24Tayside Pipers' Society March2/4422
25W.R.A.C. of the 51st (H) Division March4/4223
26Callin Mo Ruin-sa Slow Air9/8223
27Loch broom Bay Slow Air6/8224
28Mingulay Love Song Slow Air9/8324
29Boatman, The Retreat3/4225
30My Home Town Retreat3/4225
31Athole Brose Strathspey4/4426
32Glenelg Bay Strathspey4/4427
33Monymusk Strathspey4/4428
34Lady Macdonald Strathspey4/4228
35Alick Cameron Reel4/4429
36Spirits of Old Pulteney Strathspey4/4229
37Anon Reel4/4430
38Broadford Bay Reel4/4431
39Conal Crovi Reel4/4432
40Country Girl and Hungarian Fiddler Reel4/4633
41Daldownie's Reel Reel4/4434
42Hugh Macdonald Reel4/4435
43Johnnie Macdonald's Reel Reel4/4436
44Kalabakan Reel4/4437
45Mackay from Skye Reel4/4438
46Louden Hill Reel4/4438
47P/M Calum Campbell Reel4/4440
48Flora Cameron's Reel Reel4/4440
49Spirits of Old Pulteney Reel4/4241
50P/M Jimmy Pryde Reel4/4442
51Four Courts Hornpipe2/4443
52G.B. Allan Hornpipe2/4444
53John F. Kennedy Hornpipe2/4445
54Newmarket House Hornpipe2/4446
55Father O'Flynn Jig6/8647
56Isla Macleod Jig6/8449
57James Young Jig6/8450
58Northern Train Jig6/8451
59Pony Gallop Jig6/8452
60Road to Kintyre Jig6/8453
61Smith's Old Wife Hornpipe6/8454