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Airtight Bag Seasoning

More power to your elbow


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Chevy Chase air3|4120
2Jackey Layton 4|4222
3Would the minister not dance 9|8242
4I hae a wife of my ane 9|8242
5Roses blaw, The 6|8285
6Moonlight of the border 3|4285
7Malt on the Optics 2|2286
8Highland Two-step, A 6|8286
9Richard the Rogue 9|8286
10Highland solo, A 4|4286
11All the way to Newcastle 2|4287
12Bure of Carnie, The 4|4287
13Highland Jigg, The 9|8287
14Sorbie Tower slow air6|8287
15Death of the wren 2|2288
16Herd of the Glen, The 3|4288
17Sheepwife, The 2|2388
18Major, The 6|8288
19Favorite Dram, The 9|8389
20Fill the Stoup 2|2889
21Fairly shot of her 6|8390
22Gala Rant 4|4290
23A reel (after The Drover Lads) 2|2290
24Hornpipe,A (Manchester) 2|2291
25Ca Hawkie through the Joater 2|4291
26Bride has a bonny thing, The 6|8291
27Tending the steer, with a heavy heart 9|8291
28Dinna think, my bonnie lassie that I am going to leave you 2|2292
29Merry lads of Ayr 2|2292
30First of May 6|8292
31Heroic Lad, The 9|8292
32Wild hills of wannie, The slow3|4293
33Borgue Water 2|4293
34Inundation, The 9|8293
35Bonny lasses cannie lasses ken ye what the fiddle says 4/4894
36Cock Knowe, The 6|8294
37Hare in the Corn, The 6|8295
38Torphichen's Rant 4/4695
39Auld wife ayont the fire, The 4/4696
40Bobers O Brechin 4/4296
41Birnam Triangle, The 9|8397
42Pete Rowleys Hornpipe hornpipe3|2697
43A reel (taken from an old jigg) reel4/4297
44Wat ya what I got late yestreen 6|8898
45Flagon, The 4/4498
46Caddle Robbie 2|4699
47Hay ca thro 6|8299
48Busk ye, busk ye 4/42100
49Bonny Braes of Eicho, The 4/42101