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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Murray Blair - Philharmonic


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Jimmy's Gift Hornpipe2/444
2Up an Adam Hornpipe2/445
3Edwyn's Didji Place Hornpipe2/446
4Pump the Thump Hornpipe2/447
5Web Culture Hornpipe2/448
6As Good as it Gets Hornpipe2/449
7Heat wave Hornpipe2/4210
8Eddie the Penguin Hornpipe2/4211
9Richmond Spear, The Hornpipe2/4212
10Bulgarian Bandit, The Hornpipe2/4 7/16 2212
11Skippwizakiwi Hornpipe2/4413
12Big Swindle, The Hornpipe2/4514
13Piper's Black Dog, The Hornpipe2/4215
14Ross's Farewell to Pangnirtung Hornpipe2/4215
15Glayva Kid, The Hornpipe2/4416
16Out of the Air Jig6/8217
17Radar Racketeer, The Jig6/8317
18Slick Diamond Back, The Jig6/8218
19New Year in Noosa Jig6/8218
20Road Runner, The Jig6/8419
21Airlies Big Day Jig6/8420
22Steve's Train to the Moon Jig6/8221
23Jingling Geordie Jig6/8221
24DV8'ing again Jig6/8222
25Full Power Jig6/8222
26Thick Planks Jig6/8223
27Adrian's Jig6/8223
28Express from Rotterdam Jig6/8424
29Bottle Eye's Jig6/8225
30Dubai Desert Dance, The Jig6/8225
31Organic Ross Jig6/8226
32Rob's Shower Shabang! Jig6/8226
33Green Ivy, The Jig6/8427
34Terror Time, The Air5/4228
35Shoshanna's Lullaby Air6/4228
36Top Deck in Perth Air4/4429
37Bouncing off the Clouds Dance8/16 2/4430
38Demtel Schizophrenia Kit Dance7/16 9/16 8431
391st Hype Cowboy Division (RiverBeat), The Dance6/16 7/16 8432
40Flogging the Riff Dance7/16 8/16233
41Lush Dance7/16233
42Infliction Dance7/16334
43Back in Black Reel4/4235
44Richmond Icehouse, The Reel4/4235
45Reeled of Wood Reel4/4236
46A Glimpse of Monaghan Reel4/4236
47Shovel Tongue Reel4/4437
48New Paradigm, The Reel4/4538
49Jenny's Chickens Reel4/4239
50Sinead's Wedding Reel4/4239
51Advance to the East Reel4/4240
52Airlies Big Day Reel4/4240
53Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay Reel4/4441
54Emancipation Suite12/8 6/8 3/1942