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Not for faint fingers


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Young Adam
2Sam's Song
3Queen of Hearts
4Pipe Major Lindsay Ellis
5Pipe Major Harry Ellis
6Mrs. Jessie Ellis
7Miss Siobhan Campbell
8Miss Gillian Crawford's Wedding March
9Mine's a Whiskey
11Scunner's Dilemma
12Sgt. McLuskey's Hedgehog
13Siobhan's Reel
14Willie Hunter
15Tribute to Bill Paisley
16The Spiral Perm
17The Pot and the Kettle
18The Pink House
19Tepal Oahl
20Stanley's Strathspey
21Slumber Drummer
22Skimpy Knickers
23Lynne's Trip to Belfast
24Lumbago Blues
25Drum Major Nobby Clark
26Disputed Ownership
27Davie Mann's Big Issue
28Cutting Bracken
29Chief Constable William Spence Q.P.M. L.L.B.
30Charlie Young's Waiting List
31Bill Micenko and the Tacoma Scots
33At the Edge
34Flecky the Cass Collector
35Hari Oong
36Hugh McKay
37Little Cascade
38Ken and Trish's Visit 1990
39Keeper of the Light
40John's Exclusive Hackle
41John Phillip Sousa's Bagpipe March
42Jim Paterson's Tribute
43Jack Bowman WPM
44Inzay's Jig
46Aalst Carnaval