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McCallum Bagpipes

P/M Angus MacDonald MBE Bk II


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Margaret MacPherson of Mosspark March2/41
2The Rhodesian Regiment March2/42
3The Desert March March2/43
4Colonel MacLean of Ardgour March2/44
5The 93rd. At Modder River March2/45
6Fiona Barclay Speirs March2/46
7John McLelland of Cornton March2/47
8Ruaridh MacDonald's Wedding March March6/89
9Babs McNulty March6/810
10Donald MacDougall March6/811
11Mrs. P. MacFarquhar of Snizort March6/812
12Spifire Strathspey4/414
13The Bob o' Fettercairn Strathspey4/415
14Miss Tracey Lundie Strathspey4/416
15Margaret McCall Reel4/419
16Pipe Major Calum Campbell Reel4/420
17Murdo Nicholson of Camusluinie Reel4/421
18Dr. MacPhail's Reel Reel4/422
19Helen Gladden's Reel Reel4/423
20Isa Johnstone Reel4/424
21The Brolum Reel4/425
22The Piping Widow Reel2/226
23The Green Day Reel Reel4/426
24Highland Cathedral Slow Air4/429
25Highland Cathedral Seconds4/430
26The Sheiling Slow Air6/832
27Lochailort Slow Air6/433
28Mull of the Mountains Gaelic Air6/834
29The Fair Maid of Barra Slow Air6/834
30The Piper Alpha Slow Air12/835
31A Mhoire Mhin-Gael Hymn9/836
32Bonnie Benbecula Slow Air6/836
33Kelvingrove Park Slow Air6/837
34Lament for Alan, my Son Piobaireachd38
35Cap'n no more Retreat3/441
36Pipe Major Angus MacDonald March3/442
37Felicite Stewart-MacFarquhar Petters Retreat9/844
38Major Alistair Ritchie, Scots Guards Retreat9/845
39Pipe Major Brendan Glennon Jig6/846
40Lewis Turrell's Jig Jig6/847
41Pipe Major Joe Wilson (Gordon Highlanders) Jig6/848
42Jaimie MacInnes Jig6/849
43The Diddler Jig9/849
44Going to the Well for a Drink of Water Jig6/850
45Alan MacPherson of Mosspark Jig6/851
46Dr. Flora MacAuley, Carradale Jig6/852
47Miss Christine MacQueen of Glenelg Jig6/853
48John Black's Black Reed Jig6/854
49Fiona Anne MacDonald Hornpipe2/456
50Sailor Frank Hornpipe2/457
51Alex and Hector Hornpipe2/457
52Colin's Dance Hornpipe2/458
53The Black Dog's Master Hornpipe2/459
54Strathcona Wedding March4/461
55Operation Storm Damage March4/461
56Sir Adam Thomson March4/462
57Colonel Charlie Workman March4/464