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McCallum Bagpipes

P/M Robert Mathieson Book 2 "About Time Two"


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Salute to James A. Henderson Polka2/44
2Pipe Major's March to Strathallan, The March6/85
3Branch Salute, The March6/86
4Highland Reivers March2/47
5Bert Smith's New Pipes March2/48
6Ross and Cromarty Welcomes HRH The Princess Royal March2/49
7Barry and Morven's Wedding March6/810
8Campbell of Glenlyon March4/411
9Bill Trotter's Farewell to Graigmount March4/412
10Major Bryan Wilson Retreat March2/413
11Professor Douglas Gifford Retreat March3/413
12Kopper Kettle, The Hornpipe2/414
13Walrus, The Hornpipe2/415
14Desert Storm Hornpipe2/416
15Magic Heather Hornpipe2/417
16Under the Influence Hornpipe2/418
17Home to the Kyles Slow Air3/419
18Farewell to Camraw Slow Air4/420
19Ebb-Tide Slow Air6/821
20By the Water's Edge Slow Air3/422
21Song for Mary Slow Air6/824
22Fair Maiden's Prayer Slow Air6/8 9/825
23Maria's Strathspey Strathspey4/426
24Chapel Hill Hornpipe, The Hornpipe2/427
25Devil's Staircase, The Reel4/428
26Egg and the Fiddle, The Reel4/429
27Carnival Reel, The Reel4/430
28Demon Piper Reel4/431
29Fit to be Tied Jig6/832
30Hose and High Tops Reel4/432
31Station Hotel Reel4/433
32Trip to Taupo Reel4/434
33Kiss in a Cab, A Reel4/435
34The Red FoxHornpipe2/436
35Unwelcome Reel, The Reel4/437
36Rose Fletcher's Lullaby 6/837
37Mink Sporran, The Jig9/8 12/838
38Highland Academy, The Jig12/838
39Bothwell Jig, The Jig6/839
40Everlasting Burp, The Jig6/840
41Flee the Glen Jig6/841
42Irish Chase, The Jig6/8 9/8 12/42
43Minuette 6/843
44Jack Bettridge Jig6/844
45O'Neil's Choice Jig6/845
46Nora Crionna Jig6/845
47Blizzard, The Jig6/846
48Piper of the Year Jig6/847
49Final Fling, The Jig6/848