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P/M Robert Mathieson Book 3 "Taking Notes"


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Wasp March
2Sally's Smile Jig
3Piper's Tab Hornpipe
4Penfold's Revenge Reel
5Pay The Piper March
6Miserable Piper of Dundee Jig
7Mary Shaw March
8March of the Bombards March
9Long Island Jig Jig
10Slow Breton Air. Slow Air
11Song For the Small Pipes Hornpipe
12Vein Reel
13Unknown Motive Jig
14Uig Bay Skye March
15Trombold's Troubles Hornpipe
16Tapdancer Jig
17Swaggering Jig Jig
18Staffordshire Highland Gathering March
19South Island Strathspey
20Long Haul Jig
21John Monk's Sealegs Hornpipe
22Jimmy Tweedie Inveran House Jig
23Celtic Matador / Spanish Piper Jig
24Captain Kerr March
25Cape Breton Fiddlers Welcome Reel
26Calypso Piper Reel
27Boys Of Brittany Hornpipe
28Boston Run / Deer Run Strathspey
29Big Birl Hornpipe
30Bells Of Dunblane Slow Air
31Charlie MacDonald Hornpipe
32Charlie's Comeback Hornpipe
33In Praise Of Major David Poole March
34Henderson's Reel. Reel
35Golf Company's Farewell / J&C Cameron March
36Ghillies in the Bucket Reel
37Galician Jig Jig
38Flying Haggis Reel
39Diane Stephen. March
40Compiler's Jig Jig
41Angels Share March