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Airtight Bag Seasoning

P/M Robert Mathieson Book 4 "The Fourth Title"


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1The House of Edgar March2/25
2The First One Hundred March2/26
3The Incorporation March6/87
4The Kiltmakers Polka Polka2/48
5The Lucky Hurl March2/49
6Lanarkshire Pipe Band March2/49
7The Lothians March March6/810
8Peter McIntyre's March March6/811
9The Highland Swing March2/412
10Piano Fingers March2/413
11Golspie Gala Silver Jubilee March6/814
12The Piper's Tango (with harmony) Slow Air4/415
13Millennium Air Slow Air4/416
14The Piper's Prayer Slow Air4/417
15The King and the Swan Waltz4/418
16Strathaven Park Slow Air6/819
17Medieval Dance Dance6/820
18Puirt a Beul Strathspey4/420
19The Diced Hose Strathspey4/421
20The Saltire Tartan Strathspey4/421
21Birlin Sporrans Reel2/222
22Cragie Park Hornpipe2/423
23The Three Legged Dog Reel2/224
24The White Pudding Hornpipe2/425
25Calahonda Reel2/226
26The Wisemaidden Reel2/227
27Reel Prelude Reel2/227
28The Whirlie Beat Reel2/228
29Chasing the Sun March2/429
30Swinging Folk Reel2/230
31The Crown Jools Reel2/231
32The FM Groove Reel2/232
33The New Conqueror Jig6/833
34Mind the Ramp Jig6/834
35The Oban Boatrace Jig6/835
36Eat the Beat Jig6/836
37Ally's Turn Jig6/837
38Lost in London Jig6/838
39The Famous Baravan Jig6/839
40The Whirlie Beat (Jig) Jig6/840
41The Herb Man Jig6/841
42Cut the Cane Jig6/842
43SDCPB.Com Jig6/843
44SDCPB.com (harmony) Jig6/844
45Laura's Lucky Day Jig6/845
46A Stones Throw from Bangor Jig6/846
47The Sting in the Tail Reel2/247