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McCallum Bagpipes

P/M W. Ross Collection Book 1


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Abercairney Highlanders, The March2/441
2Edinburgh Volunteers, The March2/443
3Glengarry Gathering, The March2/444
4Captain P.D.Wallace March2/446
5Cameronian Rant Reel4/447
6Leaving Glendale March2/448
7Captain Norman Orr Ewing March2/449
8Mrs. H.L.MacDonald of Dunach March2/4410
9Pretty Lilian March2/4311
10Kantara to El. Arish March2/4412
11Brigadier General Ronald Cheape of Tiroran March2/4413
12Hills of South Uist, The March2/4414
13Craig-ndarroch. March2/4415
14Bonnie Ann March2/4416
15Braemar Highlanders, The March2/4318
16Mrs, Hugh Calder March2/4419
17Charles Edward Hope Vere March2/4421
18The Highland WeddingMarch2/4622
19Ian MacLeod Slow March6/8324
20Charlie's Welcome Reel4/4425
21Ca' the Ewes Reel4/4626
22Rejected Suitor, The Reel4/4427
23Flaggon, The Reel4/4428
24MacAllister's Dirk Reel4/4429
25John MacKechnie Reel4/4630
26Bridge of Perth Reel4/4432
27Struy Lodge Reel4/4233
28Eight Men of Moidart, The Reel4/4433
29Jacky Latin Reel4/4634
30South Uist Golf Club Strathspey4/4235
31Willie Gray Strathspey4/4235
32Athole Cummers Strathspey4/4536
33Pipers Bonnet, The Strathspey4/4338
34Blair Drummond Strathspey4/4639
35Delvin Side Strathspey4/4440
36Tulloch Gorm Strathspey4/4441
37Cannich, Bridge Jig6/8242
38Malcolm, MacPhersons Jig6/8242
39Baldooser, The Jig6/8443
40Shaggy Grey Buck, The Jig6/8944
41Miss Proud Reel4/4447
42Pretty Marion Reel4/4748
43Hugh Calder Strathspey4/4250
44Captain Jack Murray Strathspey4/4250
45Stirlingshire Militia, The March2/4451
46Brigadier General Lorne Campbell, V.C. of Akarit March2/4452
47Angus Campbell's Farewell to Stirling March2/4454