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Airtight Bag Seasoning

P/M W. Ross Collection Book 5


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1MacDougall of Lunga March2/421
2Atholl Highlander's March to Loch Katrine March2/442
3Renfrewshire Militia, The March2/444
472nd's Farewell to Dover, The March6/846
5Dovecote Park March6/847
6Sprig of Ivy, The March2/448
7Tulloh McCarrick(Leaving Glenurquhart) March2/4410
8Pipe Major William Lawrie's Favourite March2/4412
9White Sands of Mersa Matruh, The March2/4413
10Major A.N. Donaldsons of Amulree March2/4214
11Norman Campbell's Farewell to Inveran March6/8414
12Miss Mary O'Beirne's Welcome to Kildonan March2/4416
13Miss Elspeth Campbell March2/4418
14Leaving Lunga March2/4420
15MacPherson's Farewell, The March2/4421
16Mrs. MacDougall March6/8422
17J. McLagan March6/8223
18MacKay's Farewell to the 71st Slow March2/4424
19John MacKenzie's Farewell to Strathglass March6/8426
20Taymouth Castle March2/4428
21Major General Bruce Matthews March6/8229
22Piper's Farewell to Perth, The March2/4430
23Barbara's Strathspey4/4232
24Birks of Abergeldie, The Strathspey4/4232
25Climbing Duniquaich Strathspey4/4232
26Take your gun to the hill Strathspey4/4133
27Colonel J.R.Farquharson Strathspey4/4233
28Highland Harry Strathspey4/4434
29Caledonian Society of London, The Strathspey4/4335
30Highlands of Banffshire, The Strathspey4/4236
31Arthur's Seat Strathspey4/4236
32Kessock Ferry Strathspey4/4237
33Inverness Rant, The Strathspey4/4237
34Clucking Hen, The Reel4/4638
35Reel O'Tulloch Reel4/4540
36Foot it Neatly Reel4/4241
37Loch Carron Reel4/4442
38Ballater Rant Reel4/4242
39Willie Cummings Reel4/4443
40Duncan Lamont Reel4/4444
41Drops of Brandy Jig9/8245
42Arlitrach Jig9/8445
43Red Brae, The Jig9/8446
44Tailor's Wedding, The Jig6/8447
45Stable Boys, The Jig6/8448
46Center's Bonnet Jig6/8449
47By Loch Etive Side Slow Air2/4250
48Time is Ripe, The Jig9/8250