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Airtight Bag Seasoning


The Band are currently preparing for the 2013 pipe band competition season, meeting twice weekly in the 'old school' on the Lower Ballyboley Road. Ballyboley Pipe Band is a cross cultural, cross community entity, that can be traced back to 1919. Except for a brief period during the Second World War, the band has been kept together due to the determination of its members and with the help of a countless number of local people who have given both their moral and financial support. 

The Band will reach a very important landmark in its history in 2019 and, in preparation for this, have started an aggressive recruitment campaign to search for young talent in the area. With the help of a very generous tuition grant from the Ulster Scots Agency, we now have 12 new learner members, with classes running Mondays and Thursdays from 19:00 to 21:00.

At this present time we are a well groomed and disciplined outfit, determined to grow in number and leave a legacy for future generation in our rural area. We are now moving into a new phase in our history. If you are a piper or drummer wanting to join our ranks then contact Drew Mc Anally or Lee Lawson on 02894 432 412.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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