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Airtight Bag Seasoning

John Wilsons Collection Book 3


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Lament for John F. Kennedy, late President U.S.A. Slow March4/441
2Major General Rockingham Slow March2|421
3Leaving Strathcarron Slow March2|422
4Mrs. Margaret Fraser Sutherland Slow March6|822
5Susan Heasty Slow March6|823
6Morag Duncan Slow March6|823
7Birkhall (The A. & S. H'rs. Of Canada (P.L.) Welcome) March2|444
8Bob Donaldson March2|445
9The Delaware Highland Gathering March2|466
10David Munro's Farewell to California March2|448
11Highway # II March2|449
12MacLean of Pennycross March2|4410
13Major General R. F. Keller's March March2|4411
14Millbank Cottage March2|4412
15The Mile of Gold March2|4413
16Miss Elspeth Campbell March2|4414
17Mrs. Hilda Grant March2|4415
18The Stirlingshire Militia March2|4416
19The Canadian Centennial March March6|8417
20Bonnie MacAlpine March6|8418
21Capt. N. C. Shuttleworth March6|8419
22Hugh Ferguson March6|8420
23Jim Hall March6|8421
24Lieut. Col. R. Y. Cory March6|8422
25Maj. Gen. Spry's Welcome March6|8423
26Maj. Gen. H. A. Sparling March6|8424
27Maj. Roger Rowley's Welcome to Toward Castle March6|8425
28Mrs. Donald MacFarlane March6|8426
29Pipe Major G. S. McLennan Prize March6|8427
30Prince George Rotary Pipe Band March6|8428
31A Welcome to Ewen March6|8429
32The Winnipeg Police Pipe Band March6|8430
33The Boats af Dunkirk Retreat3|4231
34Fort Carry, Winnipeg Retreat3|4231
35Fort York, Toronto Retreat3|4432
36John McInnes, Prince George Retreat3|4233
37Heroes of the Hook Retreat3|4233
38The Scots Guards Welcome to Toronto, 1955 March9|8434
39Bubbles Polka2|4435
40Arniston Castle Strathspey4/4436
41Delvinside Strathspey4/4437
42The Devil in the Kitchen Strathspey4/4438
43The Duchess of Roxburgh Strathspey4/4439
44John Murchison Strathspey4/4440
45Lachine Rapids Strathspey4/4441
46Lady Louden Strathspey4/4442
47Lady Macbeth Strathspey4/4443
48The Accepted Suitor Reel2|2444
49Cathy McColl Reel2|2445
50Dagmar Donaldson Reel2|2445
51The Duke of Perth Reel2|2446
52Loch Carron Reel2|2646
53The Lads wi' the delicate ears Reel2|2448
54The man from Glengarry Reel2|2449
55Miss Proud Reel2|2450
56Amy MacLean Jig6|8451
57Anne McKenna of Cote des Neiges Jig6|8452
58Before Kirkmichael Games Jig6|8453
59California's Charms Jig6|8454
60Donald Bheag Jig6|8455
61Hilda's Jig Jig6|8456
62John MacKernon Jig6|8457
63Wee Marie Jig6|8458
64The Auld Wifie's Tongue Hornpipe2|4459
65The Finger Centrol Hornpipe2|4460
66Gifford Games Hornpipe2|4461
67Holly Glenn Hornpipe2|4462
68Luffness Links Hornpipe2|4463