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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Bruce Gandy Vol 3 (Contemporary & Trad. Music)


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Upheaval Reel
2Mrs. Melody Piper March
3Mrs. Lynne Rollo March
4Mrs. Jolyn Brin March
5Mr. Jack Hornpipe
6Memories of Donald Purvis Air
7Matt's Return from Boston Jig
8Margaret Boyd's Challenge March
9Maj. William Dearborn March
10Mairi Mathieson of Carloway Strathspey
11Mague Lodge Hornpipe
12Linda's Song Air
13L&B B Sweep Strathspey
14Kicking the Sparrow Jig
15Kevin's Contribution Hornpipe
16Jolly Beggarman Hornpipe
17Mrs. Murdena MacDonald Air
18Mrs. Susanne Speirs March
19Nancy Noldy's Nuptials March
20Sunday Reel Reel
21Stuart Peter Angus Strathspey
22Starburst Suite
23Sound of Sleat Reel
24Sorrow Air
25Slainte John Jig
26Skunk Jig
27Singleton's Jig Jig
28Racing Down Darby Jig
29Pride of Kearny Jig
30Peewee's Waltz Reel
31Passing Up L.A. Reel
32P.M. Frank Neelands March
33Off the Pen Reel
34Nightfall over Summerside  Air
35Johnnie Metcalfe's Reel Reel
36Invermark's Welcome to J. Reid Maxwell March
37Immrama Air
38College of Piping's March to Tatamogouche March
39Colin Magee Jig
40Colin Johnstone Strathspey
41Citadel March March
42Captain Ronald Aumonier March
43Canada Millennium Pipe Band March
44Cameron's Royal Banner March
45Caber Boys Jig
46C.P. Air Pipe Band Reel
47Brodin Tichidum Strathspey
48Bonnie Jean Macdonald Reel
49Big John Rowe Hornpipe
50Ben's Broken Birl Hornpipe
51Air for Annabel Air
52Aberdeen Piper Reel
53Ditherer Jig
54Don Campbell of Vernon March
55Eilean a' Phrionnsa Air
56Iain MacDonald Hornpipe0-
57Hunter's Bride Jig
58Hinge on the Gate Reel
59Highland Mafia Strathspey
60High Road to Linton Reel
61Henningham Reunion Hornpipe
62Harry Clark of Aberdeen March
63Greenfield Walk Strathspey
64Graham and Emma's Dance Hornpipe
65Glengarry Highland Games 50th Anniversary March
66Ginger's Stride Reel
67Gaelic Conspiracy Jig
68Frances Gandy's Diamond Year March
69Fond Farewell to Salisbury Plain March
70Farewell to Ewen March
7157 Tassie Street Reel