MacEges Lehrbuch (Reinhold Ege)


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1 Widele Wedele 3/421
2Gavotte 4/422
3Der Dudelpfeifer 6/825
4Bald gras' I am Neckar 3/825
5Jingle Bells 4/429
6Kommet ihr Hirten 3/429
7Land of my Youth, The Gaelic Air3/431
8Land of my Youth, The Gaelic Air3/432
9Bruce's Address Slow March4/435
10Farewell to Nigg 3/436
11Irish Washerwoman, The Jig6/838
12Pibroch Donald Dhu March6/843
13Rowan Tree March4/444
14Loch Rannoch Slow March6/846
15A Hundred Pipers March6/848
16Skye Boat Song March6/850
17Atholl Highlanders March, The March6/851
18Amazing Grace Hymn3/452
19Highland Cradle Song, The Waltz6/853
20High Road to Gairloch, The March2/454
21Dark Island, The Slow Air9/856
22The Brown Haired MaidenMarch2/457
23My Home Waltz6/858
24Green Hills of Tyrol, The Retreat3/459
25Mrs. Elder's Welcome Slow March6/860
26Leaving Ardtornish Slow March4/461
27Johnnie Scobie March4/465
28Scotland the Brave March4/466
29Johnnie Cope 2/467
30Muss I denn zum Stadtele 'naus 4/468
31Firebrook, The 4/469
32When the battle is over 3/470
33By Cool Siloam's Shady Rill Hymn3/471
34Badge of Scotland, The March4/472
35Highland Laddie March2/473
36Road to the Ises, The Slow March2/474
37Old Rustic Bridge, The March4/475
38Paddy's Leather Breeches Jig6/876
39Itchy Fingers Hornpipe2/477
40Drops of Brandy Jig9/878
41Nut brown maiden, The March4/479
42Barren rocks of Aden, The March2/480
43Desperate battle of the birds, The Piobaireachd2/484